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James' 1997 RZ VVTi T88-34D Single Turbo - Respray and new CCWs [pg 32]

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Got my R888s fitted to the Work S1 wheels and have since fitted them to the car; definitely pushing it and wouldn’t manage if I was stock arch.    After cleaning the wheels up (and the rest of

Not much to report in the past year or so - car has stood still for most of it! 😆 I had a feature in Japanese Performance recently (will dig out the associated pics) and had the car dyno'd - it m

So the Aventador lights should be ready in a couple of weeks once final testing and reassembly is done. They’re looking good so far though!   Getting my R888s put onto my Work S1 3P wheel

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  • 2 months later...

The oil contamination can be seen here:




Poor HKS LA Twin:




There was a nick in the rear crank seal here:




The RPS Carbon Carbon triple plate turned up a few weeks back, so I got onto getting that installed :)






Took the housing for the rear crank seal off to replace it and gave it a good clean up:






Wet paper was used to get the pilot bearing out (and there was no mess either - ideal!):




New pilot bearing and seal fitted:




Old vs new:














Now to bed it in a bit and get to using the thing again! From the brief instances of driving it so far (off boost) it feels pretty good. Surprisingly light. Very grabby, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. :thumbs:

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Had some photos done a couple of months back as well, which I have just recently received. They turned out pretty good:









































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Hope you went to a better garage this time not that cowboy like before lol


I like to think I did haha - I did it myself using a mate's garage! Nobody to blame if anything goes wrong this time! Though, I actually took care to install it properly without tearing it, and actually sealed round it as well. Leigh did none of that. Useless! :D

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Nothing really worth updating since getting the good photos down back at the tail end of last year!


It started getting frosty up here mid November:




That prompted me to put the car into the wee garage I now have. It hasn't been seen since. I look forward to the decent weather coming round and I'll bring it back out to play. Just in need of a front droplink and it's ready for MOT again.


Had some issues with getting the 4" downpipe I bought to fit (the guy welding it made an absolute mess of it and it is scrap). That will be revisited once the car is back on the road.


Would be nice to get down to a couple of meets/events at some point later this year if my schedule allows as well. :)

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Not a massive amount has changed over the last few years, so not a great deal to update on this thread!


I went to a couple of shows/events:








Had a lot of fun at the above one and managed to twist my propshaft and break some teeth on my A03B diff. Replaced the prop with the SRD Heavy Duty and fitted an A02B instead.


Replaced the interior with OEM seats retrimmed in Chili Red leather:








Had a 4" downpipe fabricated so now running 4" turbo back:




Had a shoot done for Banzai but it will be going into a different magazine instead now (proper pictures will be provided later, this is just one I took during!):




I also test fitted my new Workmeister S1 3pc wheels. Just need to decide on a finish for them and buy some new lips to take them in by 1/2" as they poke out too much for my preference.


I think that is about it for now. :thumbs:









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Not much to report in the past year or so - car has stood still for most of it! 😆

I had a feature in Japanese Performance recently (will dig out the associated pics) and had the car dyno'd - it made 574bhp / 544lbft. There seems to be something strange going on with the fuel/AFR based on the plots, so I plan to review the ignition and fuel systems, pull the trigger on a Syvecs (AGAIN! Did so before but foolishly sold it for paintwork) and see where I get to from there. Next step after that will be a change of turbo and cams; still keen on the idea of the Garrett GTX3852R Gen 2, which I think will also fit my current GReddy manifold.

Oh I also have some Aventador LED rears to fit as well. They're almost done, just need to supply new housings for them. 👍

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So the Aventador lights should be ready in a couple of weeks once final testing and reassembly is done. They’re looking good so far though!


Getting my R888s put onto my Work S1 3P wheels this weekend so that I can gauge whether I can get away with them at their current specs or if they’re too aggressive. They are 18x11 +22 at the rear so they’ll poke 8.7mm more than the CCW LM5T do (18x11.5 +37) so I might have to relip them 1/2” narrower. I’m just currently torn on what to do for refinishing them. I’m thinking just fully bronze but open to suggestions. As much as I’d want fully polished it’s too much of a pain to maintain when living in the north of Scotland 😂

This is how the wheels are finished just now (on narrower tyres, so disregard the fitment specs of them in that sense):


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I can tell you right now that 18x11 +22 won't fit. A +42 would be flush with the fenders shaved flat and the Lance alignment.

That way you can safely run a 295-305 tire. 

Digging the red interieurd, got more pictures of it?

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5 hours ago, CBR said:

I can tell you right now that 18x11 +22 won't fit. A +42 would be flush with the fenders shaved flat and the Lance alignment.

That way you can safely run a 295-305 tire. 

Digging the red interieurd, got more pictures of it?

I’m already running 18x11.5 +37 as I have flared arches, so I might get away with it. Will know tomorrow 😂

As for the interior, here is another:


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Got my R888s fitted to the Work S1 wheels and have since fitted them to the car; definitely pushing it and wouldn’t manage if I was stock arch. 

After cleaning the wheels up (and the rest of the car!) I took the Supra out to its first show in ages yesterday - Banzai at Crail. 

It cleaned up pretty well and won a show and shine trophy - delighted!



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