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Doing some fundraising!


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Hi everybody,


First of all I would like to thanks Branners for allowing me to post this thread. I greatly appreciate it!


I hope I can grab your attention for a few minutes to make you aware of what I am doing and what I'm doing it for.


My friend of roughly 20 years, Cammy, has been diagnosed with Leukaemia for the second time in just 14 months after previously being given the all clear, it has shattered his entire family and he has just started his chemotherapy treatment again. He is in the Anchor Unit of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and will be for some time.


There is a charity in Aberdeen called Friends Of Anchor which directly supports the Cancer and haematology wards at the hospital. Their aim is to ensure that every patient in the North East of Scotland receives the best treatment and support that is available.


They do things as simple making sure there is fresh fruit available to the patients which costs £200 per week to funding for non-NHS funded equipment, fancy machines I don't even know the name of!! The important thing about this charity is knowing that every single penny raised goes directly to helping with cancer care including research as the costs of the charity are met by the Balmoral Group, an Oil Company based in Aberdeen.


On the 25th of November, there will be hundreds of Cammy's family, friends and friends of friends etc, getting our heads shaved and legs waxed to raise money. His campaign is called #weareallcammysmith and can be found on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to read about it or follow his story.


I know the majority of you guys and girls reading this may never have been to Aberdeen but whatever donations I can raise on my just giving fundraising page http://www.justgiving.com/Ross-Davidson1 is greatly appreciated. If anything it also helps to raise cancer awareness.


Please spare whatever you can no matter how small the amount as every penny can make a difference, not only to Cammy but hundreds of other patients like him and if you can take £5 £10 quid out your budget for that new exhaust, FMIC, Turbo Upgrade (DriftBear) you could help turn their lives around!


Thanks in advance for your time, donations, etc.


Oh and make sure you mention MKIVsupra in the comments box and I will update everybody on how it goes with pics and how much you all raise!



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Stephen Paine take a bow! Thanks for your donation, I knew there were heroes hiding on this site somewhere! :search:


Just had an Anonymous donation. If that was somebody on here, Thank you very much! Your donation just tipped me over the £700 mark. So happy just now and you guys are helping to make a difference!! Hope this will get the ball rolling and see me reach or even beat my £750 target. Great effort guys

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Thanks for the donations that have come in so far. Starting the day with £775 lets get me to £1000 by the end of the day folks. Dig real deep. That loose change you were going to put in a banky and forget about, why not donate it to #weareallcammysmith and FriendsOf Anchor and sponsor me? You'll feel great knowing you've helped make a difference to so many cancer patients. Pennies, a pound, a deep sea diver, a Bill and Ben. Keep them rolling in no matter how small!!! It all adds up. http://www.justgiving.com/Ross-Davidson1

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Thanks for your donation Chris Marr, you've just helped me raise £1,042 to help people suffering from cancer. I've now got a target of £1,250. Who else wants to help save a life? Please donate what you can as every penny can make a difference!


Thank you Kayla Graves for your kind donation. Thats £1,077 raised in under 3 days and i'm so glad that there are folks on here helping me! Keep the effort up guys. :thumbs::clap:

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