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Lee P

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The more I think about it the more I want to keep my autobox, I have a 6 speed ready but love the auto, having spoken with Lee about these at the weekend I think I have more options to think about! With the turbo I have bought a uprated box will be ideal so I'll be watching this thread closely :)

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what sort of warranty are you giving with this box ?. and would the warranty depend on what power you put through it. and how would you sort that out. a dyno on the car before it was fitted .?


I doubt there will be a warrenty as on any built box tbh.

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The real question is how much torque will it handle...like to know that other than testing it :rolleyes: we'll see what its like at SRR just soon as Lee is ready...


It will handle the torque for your car no probs, I would be more worried about Marks car.


Obviously any part designed to take big power is going to have a shorter life span to a stock part running less power.

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