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how to remove second cat without buying full system?

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hey just wondering if there is a second decat pipe available for cheapish? i already have a 3" autobahn88 downpipe, cant really afford a good quality full exhaust system at the moment and dont want to get a crappy cheapo one and just have to replace it at a later stage as i'm not happy with the sound as i am about to go bpu.. im more than happy to keep the factoryish sound and exhaust tip for the meantime


so any links to guides or advice on how to go about removing the second cats would be appreciated :)

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either whifbitz or Chris Wilson on here do the de cat pipes front and rear matey. :D


There is no how to remove links, but jack the car up and there should be 3-4 bolts either end that needs removed

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I think the second decat (the one nearest the back) is 2 bolts either end. I had to cut the bolts off mine as they were rusted up really bad. Then just give it a wiggle and it will come free.

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