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should i paint my wheels? opinions

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soooo the story goes that i let my dad borrow my car and he promptly proceeded to curb the f$*k out of 2 of my brand new mag wheels.... :(

i now have some springs ordered and on the way to lower the car approx 1" and am considering painting the mags semigloss black (i am a car painter by trade) instead of getting them machined back to original. it would be cheaper and potentially look cool but once its done theres no going back lol

just thought i would get some opinions





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Nothing wose having your wheels curbed , but someone else doing it must be a real kick in the hairy sack


IMO they look really nice as they are, Im not to sure on them black as I don't think they will go with the exterior paint


I would have them back to how they were and get your Dad to pay for it lol

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haha yeah he has offered, but we are both pretty poor at the moment so couldnt do that to him right now.

i'm a fan of the staunch look it has with 9.5 wide front and rear with the stretched tyres to keep the tread under the guards (even more so with the new springs due to arrive) but am starting to get sick of/dislike the general style of the wheels... guess i can just sell or swap them

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yeap, springs are on the way... just a 1 inch lowering kit as i live in christchurch new zealand and the roads here are ruined after the earthquakes so cant go too low!!! am trying to find someone who is keen to swap wheels with me at the moment!!

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