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Quick qu on jacking up pls!


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I'm picking up some new wheels and selling the old ones all in one go at the weekend...


Therefore need to leave the Sup without any wheels for a while.


What's the best way to do this? Is it just to sit the brake discs on wood on bricks? Or am I going to mess something up?

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Here's a good diagram:


You're not kidding! That's a great diagram and most helpful - cheers.


Had mine up on axle stands recently painting the calipers and could have done with that info. Fortunately I used a little common sense and got through safely.


BTW, where'd ya get the diag?

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Probably best to put the front end on the axel stands and leave the trolley jack under the diff.


It would be okay if it was in a safe place where knowone has access, I wouldn't do it otherwise.


Depends on how confident you are in keeping it stable, don't want any accidents!!!!!!

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