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ten of the best


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Guest dnaxton



TOTB is held at Elvington Aerodrome...


Elvington Aerodrome is situated next door to the prestigious Yorkshire Air Museum, located just outside the city of York.



Elvington Aerodrome, Halifax Way, Elvington, York, YO41 4AU


Ten of the Best (TOTB), is a performance road car event run by Straightliners Ltd, aimed at finding the best all round car and drivers in Europe. Handling, top speed and a 1/4m drag strip are used to determine the best of the best, Ten Of The Best!

All cars that compete in our main road competition class are road legal, taxed, tested and insured. There is also a new "pro-drag class" for the ultimate drag specific cars. Many of the cars that compete at TOTB are modified, some to the extreme. Many of the entrants have built and modified their own vehicles, while others represent the cream of the crop from the Tuners and Garages that specialise in the types of cars entered to compete.


TOTB Main Website - http://www.totb.co.uk/cms/


TOTB Promo Video (Hosted on YouTube) -


TOTB Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/tenofthebest/


The Facebook group is well worth a visit.


Any questions you may have either ask on our facebook group or email me direct - [email protected]



Dave Naxton

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Guest dnaxton
Cool you going to park in the middle near MLR stand?


You will need a club stand pass to get into that area. :D




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I got my pass through YJOC club be nice to get load Supra's in there to get some pics never know it might make it on to pages of a magazine.

I'm sure if we ask Dave really nicely he might pull some strings for a club stand lol

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