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handbrake stuck on, or rear brakes?

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2001 vauxhall corsa,


for the last month, every morning i get it it, drop the handbrake, and when i pull off its asif the handbreak is sticking slightly, and when i pull off it goes "boing" then im good for the day :)



this morning though ive dropped the handbrake, havent heard the boing, and its asif the rear brakes or hand brake is stuck on, only slightly though.



if i lift the handbrake up or down there is no difference in driving, and there is also no tension when lifting up the handbrake (it lifts up easy where as before not)


its got drums fitted to the rear.


how can i find out if its the handbrake or the actual brakes?



tries reading, says to just hit with a hammer and WD40 it up, any opinions or advice please?

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If the handbrake's making no difference I'd say it's the handbrake siezed on. Engine off, in gear on a flat surface with the handbrake off. Hit the hub/wheel if steel with a hammer on both rear wheels and try it. My assumption would be sticky handbrake arm on the rear trailing shoe(s).

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