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You can get a K&N panel filter off ebay for £47 delivered which is the cheapest I have found anywhere, Blitzs are around £35 but the K&N can be cleaned with a kit so can be a one and only purchase. You have a SZ not RZ as well :p



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hey guys.

I'm looking for a suitable performance air filter to replace my current stock one on my non turbo 1994 RZ.

Any suggestions?

Ive looked about and blitz seems to be a good fit on it.



Keep the stock airbox and fit a new panel filter, TRD, Blitz and K&N do aftermarket panel filters, but don't expect any significant gains in hp though.

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just how much additional bhp would be gained in swapping the air filter to a more free flowing one in an N/A



-1BHP as its suckigng warm air lol



oj, its not going to make any noticible difference for a driving feel. you might get a bit of noise from it thats it



NA tuning is a lot more difficult to obtain any significant power, than any turbo vehicle.



if youve got an NA Supra, you have purchased the car for the looks not the performance (in my view) so just get it looking nice :)



watch this video at 7.48, for Amuse description of NA tuning :)


(only really applicable for VVTi /modern ECU)





check the phrase he says "you will not be spending a lot of money in modifications and not be able to notice much difference"

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