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RAF Marham Charity Trackday April 28/29


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Do you know roughly what date later in the year the next one will be?


nope, not yet, I suspect it wil be around september time at a guess, keep an eye on the marham track day website, as soon as I get the email from the organisers i'll post it up

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right... from the organisers....




Dear all,




As you may or may not be aware, we have had to move the track event scheduled for April and July.




We are very keen to kick start this event back up to success it used to be and we’re very reliant on the continued support you offer. Please rest assured that we don’t make these decisions likely and we understand that any change of date has the potential to cause massive disruption to all involved. It is likely that this will be the only event of this type this year so we’re keen to fill it.




All we can do as a team is offer our deepest apologies and extend an invite to the next event. The next event has been planned for the 18th and 19th of Aug 2012. The reason for the gap between events is to ensure, as far as we possibly can, that the dates will remain available.




As way of an apology the previous offer is still in place.




As a very small offering we have taken the decision to discount the next event – It will now be £50 for the car AND first driver. All other drivers/passengers will remain at £10 per head (Max of 4 people in any one car). Any people wishing to book for the whole weekend will only have to pay £50 to secure themselves and ALL their additional entrants for the second day!




We will also be running the circuit in both directions so you effectively get two tracks for the price of one. We have also secured a rolling road for the Saturday and other facilities will be available all weekend including bodywork detailing and tyre repair/replacement/balancing.




Once again, thank you and we all hope to see you in August. It’s been a long time!





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