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SRD Aluminium Engine Undertray


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SRD Aluminium Engine Undertray


Further to the successful initial group buy these will now be readily available to customers.


The stock version is really not up to the job and falls apart far too easily, and also costs crazy prices from Toyota for a replacement. Picture below shown fitted with a Do-Luck front bumper.


Great quality, very strong and hardwearing and has been sucessfully installed now on many forum members cars. Also comes with a brand new set of screws and fixings ready to fit.


This is also available in a black powder coated finish.


£160 inc Vat

£30 extra for black finish.

Postage can be arranged for £25








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Hi, first congratulations for the nice work in the SRD Aluminium Undertray and I'm interested buying one for my 1995 Twin turbo Supra, I'm from Portugal too so please tell me what i need to do.

One more thing I'm looking for one undertray to replace the front active spoiler undertray, i have the stock bumper and fmic so if you know what can i buy or the best thing is you have this part to sell to.

Thanks and keep the good work

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i get no crap in my engine bay with this fitted.


Never thought of this! Can you get them stayed another colour Lee? If s how much? Was thinking of black...

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will this fit my 1995 RHD UK-spec MKIV Supra TT auto with Do-Luck from bumper? please PM me the best price including delivery to Malaysia (wonder how long will it take?_, thanks so much!


Yes it will fit, if you PM me your details I will work out a price

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Hi there,just wondering if you still produce under trays, as mine has totally dropped in one corner at the front, would it fit my 94na withe a top secret front bumper? And how easy are they to fit? :)


Yes we do, next batch is almost ready.


Will fit fine and just bolt on fitment

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