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The Mkiv Supra was available with two types of brake setups from the factory. For some models of supra the larger option was standard but for others it was only available as an option, this thread will help identify which setup you have on your car and provide basic information about their servicing and repair.


The basic (Small) set-up consists of 2pot front and 1pot rear calipers, the option (Large) set-up consits of 4pot front and 2 pot rear calipers.


The larger set-up was made standard on Export TT Supra's (UK, US and Euro spec), but was an option on all Jspec Supra's made after April 1994.

The Larger set-up is often incorrectly referred to as "UK spec".


When installed from the factory the large brake set-up also has a large brake master cylinder, however, the larger brakes can be installed on cars with the smaller brake cylinder without impacting performance


The brake service manual is available for download here (PDF format)


No code has to be inserted here.



4 pot Front Caliper




2 pot Rear Caliper




2 pot Front Caliper




1 pot Rear Caliper






Brake Pad Diagrams


4 pot front




2 pot rear




2 pot front




1 pot rear





Thanks go to Homer for adding the detail to this :)


Jspec brakes.jpg

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On 8/20/2021 at 9:32 AM, Keishi said:

Can the bigger 324mm RZ rotas be used on a 6 speed szr na. I'm sure it has the 294mm set up.will the caliper work?

Yes, the caliper and discs will work perfectly, but the metal dust shield behind will need trimming/bending out of the way to fit the larger items.

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