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Dragon Ball, Clacket Lane to Ashford Run M25/M26/M20


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Anyone fancy meeting up with myself, Jeff and Matt at Clacket Lane services M25 Friday morning, for a run down to Ashford, (via the M20 services at junction 8), and join up with the guys staying at the travel lodge?


We will be planning to leave Clacket Lane around 5:15am:blink:


Arrive at the M20, Junction 8, services around 5:45am (hopefully the Bluewater guys can meet us there) and then a quick blast down to Ashford Travel lodge, Junction 9, arriving around 6:15 :)


Map of route here




Clacket Lane

1. scottc998




M20 services, Juncton 8




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I'll be leaving about 04:15 if 04:45 in East Grinstead is still the plan. I'm working nights tonight and I'm going to Thorpe Park on Thursday. I have some of this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon to get everything sorted. Gulp!

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sorry guys had a couple of weeks off work , been rushing around trying to get everything done you know how it is .


Ile meet u guys at the services on the M20 at around 05:45am friday morn :)


Lets hope the weather holds up , the road trip is gona be a cracker :)

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Looks like i need to leave home at 03:45 to meet you guys in East Grinstead first :faint:




Well google tells me it'll take me just short of an hour to get to East Grinstead for a 04:45 meet, and I need to factor in if the Southwick Tunnel is shut in the early hours of the morning in case of a detour.

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