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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Japfest 2011 SW convoy

wile e coyote

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Ok guys i reckon same as last year

Just need a list of people and where they want to meet


Ok guys early start


Ill leave 4.45am to (Ashburton 5.05am) to (Exeter services 5.35am) to (Tiverton junction petrol station 5.45am) to junction 23 to pick up 95mkiv

(J21 Weston super mare Morrisons 6.35am)

Summer Lane

Locking Castle

Weston Super Mare

BS24 7AY

to (J17 M4 To meet convoy from Reading 7.30 am) we would all have to leave 1 hr earlyer to meet at reading. This way we still arrive with the mega convoy but not following them down on motorway.

If you could just put an OK after your name so i know you are meeting

Thanks Darren


1: wile e coyote

2; SupraFluff

3: Noz + friends

4: Barnybrendan

5: 95mkiv

6: Zippytt maybe

7. DodgyRog + DodgyJen

8: robzki


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Not sure I am going to make it, but hopefully it will be ready by then at least


1: wile e coyote

2; SupraFluff

3: Noz + friends

4: Barnybrendan

5: karolina tivvy petrol station ok

6: Blackie tivvy ok

7: 95mkiv

8: Zippytt maybe

9. DodgyRog + DodgyJen Exeter Services OK

10: robzki

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Well here we go again, cars in bits at the bodyshop, I've been to the Docs today and been told I have Broncitis and a severe sinus infection


O well only 4 days to get everything (including me) ready


Can't see me making it at the moment, the supra is in pieces all over the house :( I will however try, and an added bonus is I don't have bronchitis :)

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We are out chaps, Karolina sold her car and mines being a nobhead (Got an electrics wizard looking at it tomorrow) But sadly hes not a free electrics wizard. But we will see all you lot at the barby with K's new motor :D (And my f**ked one)


Thats a damn shame
















































im going now then.

only joking.

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