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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

we need a meet


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Good luck, hopefully you won't have topay through the nose for it


I sorted the Auto Starting issue today and when I ran up the Tesco's to get some fuel I noticed an oil leak again


Had a look around the Cam covers no sign of anything at all, so had a feel around and as I slide my hand down beside the oil filter it moved:blink: it was undone


No wonder why it had an oil leak, but that's another thing sorted for no ££'s

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ill speak to barny today as mine may be off road next week


You found a bodyshop then mate?


Looks like mine will be in ShellShocked for a bit longer than originally planed:( (not the fauly of ShellShocked I should point out), so not sure when I will be able to bring mine out to play, obviously I have the White one until it's sold though


Just hope it's at least ready for Dragonba11 at least :scared::eek:

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