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SRD Expanding and Workshop Upgrades

Lee P

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All the best bud. The place looked sweet when we dropped the car off. Perfect setup for you to produce

Top quality supra's. It will be producing some great cars.


P.s thanks for washing my car. I did drop it off manky. Suppose 8hrs drive does that ha ha.


All the best. :D

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Jamie P and his boys for building a mezzanine floor and for all those people that think he doesnt get stuck in, he built me a work bench and a stair case from scratch all by himself. Great work. :thumbs:


Pics of the workbench or it didn't happen! :D


Nice new setup Lee - knew you'd do well after seeing your tidy workmanship first hand at TOTB a few years back, it's hard to find a spannerman that takes real pride in their work and is the key difference between the few like you and your average (usually lazy) mechanic you find these days that isn't up to much when it comes to modifying because they don't put the effort in to do things right - often leading to problems down the line. I know that from seeing the work done on most peoples cars and the pride and attention to detail my Dad (old school MVT) would take in his work on mine and my bro's cars.


Good luck with the expansion! :thumbs: Your car's in good hands Geo :)





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Was over at SRD today and wow what a setup Jamie did a great job with the stairs etc, also saw Ricky49s supra up there and she is a beut the workmanship as per normal is totally amazing i dont know how Lee finds the time to turn out such great work mate you truly are a credit to the forum.


Some exciting things coming from SRD in the new year from what i hear too with a lift going in the first stroker being done, also hear that SRD has hired a new mechanic/fabricator someone i know very very well and is of the exact mindset of Lee quality workmanship and passionate about cars, i know they are going to make a great team and am sure we will see SRD forge on into the new year with great success and some amazing supras


Good luck guys!!!!

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