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Johnny G's 3.4 litre V6 MR2 Turbo

johnny g

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Aaaah Mavis lives again! Congrats Johnny and Woodsport, an awesome job. Glad you stuck with it mate :)

TOTB for the fastest MR2 title is it? :D

Me too mate, me too. Ryan and I were grinning like kids on the boost-mapping down the motorway!


Nice work guys.:)

Cheers Jamie, will be bringing it down to SRR in the non-too-distant, so I can compare to yours!


'bout time you got some pics up :), pleased everything has come to a great end bud

You prompted me ;)

You'll be seeing the end of the car mate, the back end lol! Thanks mate.

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Are you going to get some videos done bud?


Yes mate. Will be going out in the car when the weather is better and it's had a full service. Bought some nice video editing software as well, so I'll get some nice editing as well - I hope.


I'll be bringing the car over in a few weeks/a month or so for PW to take a look over, then we'll go for a wee jaunt :p

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Very nice work, another end swapper, bet its a handful on greasy roads:d


Probably Ricky! But, for the moment, it's getting driven like a pansy, or like jevansio would drive it - as it's the same thing ;)


Ryan will be sorting out the remaining 2000rpm and 0.xbar of boost along with the TC in the Solaris. Exciting times ahead.

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Sure is different, congrats on another successful, interesting and unique project :) How much power is being got from those engines in N/A format, do you happen to know? Cheers.


In N/A format, I'm not too sure, Chris. I believe that the 3.0ltr version (3VZ-FE) has had 375bhp from a marine application.


Although, for a high power N/A application, I'd look at the GR series or at least the MZ engines :)

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