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hdSpeedo - v0.7.3 (03/05/2010)


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Here is the next release of hdSpeedo.


It has been tested on a HTC Touch HD and Diamond, but should work on any WM device with a GPS feed.


New Features

  • Journey stats saved in /My Documents/hdSpeedo
  • Tidied up the /My Documents/hdSpeedo folder.
  • Error logging to file
  • Display of Max speed. This swaps every 15 secs with the AVG speed


Planned Features

  • Looking at making the application skinnable


Bug Tracking

  • None noted at the moment


Please see attached file for full version history.


There are two buttons on the speedo page, one will log your current position, the other will start logging your track.


These write to KML files which you can load into Google Earth as below.




Please bear in mind that I have written this for my own use and am quite happy to put this out for others to use. I will take on board suggestions, but will continue to develop this at my own pace. :)


Many Thanks,


Paul Ryder.

Colour Scheme - Landscape.jpg

Settings - Landscape.jpg

Speedo - Landscape - Dark.jpg

Speedo - Landscape.jpg

hdSpeedo v0.62.zip


hdSpeedo v0.71.zip

Change History.zip

hdSpeedo Install v0.73.zip

Edited by Lbm
New version out (see edit history)
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Wouldn't auto rotate on my topaz but may be down to custom rom.


Like the way it cycles through mph/kph/knots and so on when taping on speedo.


Must soak the power up, got home and connected it to PC and got a warning message about power consumption, never seen that before on!


All in, cracking wee app and look forward to the updates :)



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  • 1 month later...

Ok a new version is now up.


New features and fixes.


New Position page.

Ability to flip screen to use as a HUD.

Installed Font should no longer get used as default by other programs.

Negative Lat/Lon positions were being changed to positives, fixed.


Not 100% happy with the new font, but at least it's not being used by other programs, well the few that I have installed and have tested don't.





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Installed on my Omnia, seems to work OK, runs, rotates, displays fine - just one potential bug I've found in initial indoors testing with no GPS lock...


If I change the colours the night "btn TXT" seems to change the Day option as well - changing the "btn TXT" under the Day side doesn't seem to do anything.

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Ok, Speed camera alerting is now out.


Attached are the new install and a list of speed cams to use. These are in Garmin CSV file format, (lng/lat/info). My app only uses the first two fields, so if you create your own files, please put anything into the third field.


Also if you get a incoming call, the app will minimise while it is active.

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Latest version is out.


A few behind the scenes changes to try to make it less of a resource hog.


Added Journey logging and MAX speed logging.

The Max speed will display on the main window and swaps with the current AVE speed every 15 seconds.


** Note **


I have tidied up the /My Documents/hdSpeedo folder.


I have added two additional folders.


warnings - This is where the CSV files go for the speedcam warnings.

mapoutput - This is where the KML log files go


The Warning .wav file, the Settings XML file and the Journey stats .csv file remain in the root of this folder.


The Database folder remains as it is and contains the SQL CE database that holds the loaded speed camera locations.


Please let me know what you think of this application.





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