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AEM TRU Boost install - tried everything, still not working - help?

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I am aware of the many threads about this EBC but none of them says how to install the solenoid. I honestly tried everything. I have tried everything that AEM install guide says, I have tried everything that I have found here or other forums on how to install other EBC (greddy or HKS etc). but for some reason no matter how I connect it, I cannot control boost.

I have been through different setups of the solenoid and piping, what I got was

- no boost at all, and no way to control it

- 0.5bar no matter what I set on the EBC thing,

- stock 0.8bar,

- 1.4bar (crazy and unsafe probably). on all of the above I could go through all options on the controller but it had no effects on boost. Now I have 1.25bar when second turbo comes in and drops to 1.05 at redline, but after a few runs it drops to 0.9. but I still have no control over it...


I know that many people here are saying that it is working well for them, could someone tell me how they connected it to the piping? to which ports on the solenoid (1,2,3) to which piping on the turbo, etc.


I am using these pipes to connect it:


I have tried both ends on the actuator (the upper and bottom one) with different ports on the solenoid. I have tried Teeing of pipes and different ports on the solenoid etc. nothing works for me.


Please, anyone?




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thanks matt, but since I have really tried to find the solution on the net, I also came upon this diagram. The problem is that the AEM solenoid has 3 ports, and they're just called 1,2 and 3, not as on the diagram. But nevertheless I tried that also, unplugged, capped, connected to all ports on the solenoid but to no avail.


So I need a person who has that exact AEM EBC on their twin turbo supra. Working and being able to control boost... thanks!

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