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Had my first ever go on the strip today :)


Unfortunately, my results are extremely disappointing! Though I guess the only way is up (or forward :D ) once I improve my launch. (I may also do better somewhere that isn't Crail - the surface is pretty horrible!)


Reaction: 1.035

60 foot: 2.332

1/4 MPH: 113.9

1/4 ET: 13.185


VVTi 6 speed

GReddy T88-34D @ 1.3bar

Toyo R888 tyres


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I put the RT from a completely different run - oops! (see edit history)
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Mine from japshow earlier this year.

RT. 0.5193

60ft. 2.3413

1/4ET. 15.3417

MPH. 86.69

This was also my first run what you brung, will see if I can beat it next year!



Mr. No boost boostman,


You need to state your Supra's spec for it to be classified and recorded. :)

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Hi Mawby do you accept terminal speed from standing mile? I did 200.5 mph at Elvington in October last year, hoping for more this year but its a start, I have a slip with the speed from the Straightliners event. It would add another dimension to drag racing the Supra is a superb high speed car.

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