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AEM UEGO wideband installation guide

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Right there wasn't a guide to doing this, when I installed mine the other week. So I took some photo's, and I will note what I did etc. to fit it.


Right just in case you don't have the manual, there's a pdf of it here




Firstly you will need to get the tapped boss/bung welded into the exhaust for the sensor to screw into. I got mine welded into my second de-cat. As you look under the car at the transmission tunnel you should see a black grommet into the passenger side of the cabin. It's under the carpet by the passenger side of the gear stick. I got it welded in at a custom exhaust place. It has to be at least 10 degrees from horizontal (see the manual). I got mine angled a bit more vertically so that it dropped the plug of the sensor near perfect. I removed all the dash panels too. Just for reference the bung/sensor have an M18 x 1.5mm pitch thread (the bung is supplied with the unit though).


Right once you have had that done, Pull the carpet back and remove the grommet. I made a small hole in it, then slit the bung from one side into the hole. So that you can pass the wire through. The grommet is not really big enough to feed the sensor or the multiplug through. So put the grommet on the wire, and drop the sensor through the hole in the transmission tunnel.


You should end up with this underneath the car.






Now screw the sensor into the bung and tighten up with a spanner. I can't remember the exact spanner size it was either 1" or 22mm. Then you should end up with this




Now replace the grommet and make sure the wire isn't twisted etc. View from inside the cabin




View from underneath the car




Now connect the multiplug sensor to the wire with the other large multiplug on, that connects to the main gauge unit.




I then tie-wrapped the multiplugs to the little hole under the gear surround dash panel. See in this picture.




Right then you need to wire the power harness into the car, after doing some reading on here I opted for the cigarette lighter. So I wired the red to the positive of the lighter wire, and the black to the earth wire for the lighter. I wasn't using the other 2 wires (for datalogging, and ECU connection) so just snip the bare end bit off and stick some heatshrink/insulation tape over the end.


Here is where my install might differ from others, I was running my gauge in a pillar pod, where as most people tend to use the clock hole.


For both installs though, you can coil and tie wrap the excess wire up and store it under the stereo unit like this




If you were using the clock I suppose you would just fit the gauge in the clock hole and connect the wires to the back now.


I will just show the route I took though to get the wires to the pillar pod.


I took them up the side of the stereo unit, then along the dash behind the steering wheel. Then along to the drivers side heater vent, then up over it. With the pillar plastic trim removed the wires should just pop out of the corner of the dash taking this route.


Up the side of the stereo towards the steering column




Past ignition barrell, towards drivers heater vent




Up over the heater vent




I neatly cut a hole in the pillar trim ready for the pod to be fitted, and passed the wires through




Once all the pillar pod was in this is what it looked like






I hope that can help some people when fitting there AEM.

If people find it useful then maybe the mods could make it a sticky etc.


Please feel free to add anything. As some people will have fitted these differently, so there maybe differing opinions of fitting the unit.

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