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How To: Fit facelift front indicators


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I've got facelift headlights on my pre-facelift car so I don't need to splice the red wire into the solid green wire of the dome side light. What I've done instead is merge the 2 wires that used to go to the dome sidelight with the solid green wire coming from the new facelift side light. Now I'm blowing my tail/sidelight fuse and I'm not sure how I should wire this differently.


edit: Got it working. Only the original solid green wire from the dome sidelight connects to the solid green on the facelift side light. The sidelight already has a negative path spliced into the facelift loom so the old black wire that went into the original dome sidelight just needs blanking off.

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Great thread. Done mime the other day. I'll be putting my side lights into them too now as one orange bulb is more than enough.


Was handy having part numbers for the loom. I was £74 for the pair from memory from Toyota



do i need the 2 looms to get this job done or is it because the passenger side is awkward?



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Another thread revival and thanks to the OP for making a pdf for us for future reference and to the guys who actually conducted the write up for people like me. I just got myself a pair of face lift head lights and am wondering if toyota still stock the outer cover for the fog lamp which has the wire and plug mounted behind the cover as mine came with no bulbs or cover for that fog lamp. I have a preface lift car without front lights so next on the list is buying the looms and the face lift lights themselves. I know Whiftbitz keep the looms and lights but there is also another vendor who stocks them. None the less for now I am more after the black cover with rubber for the outer light hole socket for face lift light. Does anyone know if they can still be ordered from agents?

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this is why i start to hate modifying,

paid £45 for set of facelift clear indicators....which i have to chop/alter

paid £80 for set of wiring looms..................which i have to chop/alter

came with orange bulbs....why? i want clear lenses, so will have to buy 4 silver bulbs (that flash orange)

then remove headlights, just so i can get to indicators, oh the joy

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