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How To: Fit facelift front indicators


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ok im confused! I bought the toyota facelift indicators from Nic. do I need an extra loom or something to connect them to my old jspec lights? only one of the indicators has long wires sticking out the back of it...

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Thanks MichaelG..



Ps if you follow this route.. the indicator bulbs i needed for the new looms from toyota i got from halfords.. light number 580 wich is diffrent from what halfords say you need... but their code for the side lights were correct..



Here are the codes for the main light..

sorry cant remember the code for the side lights..

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Fitted mine yesterday, and all went smoothly thanks to this thread.


One thing to add though, if you do still have your SMIC, I reccomend you have a little 8mm ring spanner to hand so that you can get at the bolts from the intake.


Thanks Michael (if you're still about) and Macca, heatshrink is now my best friend!



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Thanks for the guide, did this today on mine and went very smoothly. One question..are the sidelights sposed to stay on with dipped headlights??? Also you can get to the passenger indicator without removing the battery, took about 10 minutes for that side!

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Sorry, a rather old post but thought it best to use this than start a new one.


Has anyone ever fitted the facelift indicators in the veilside bumper?? This is my bumper and i have just purchased the indicators but i have no idea how they are going to fit.




They will fit the same way as you would attach them to the stock bumper.

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I have been told they wont fit as they are longer than the ones i have at the mo and the gap is smaller. Im not having much luck with anything i have bought for my car since i have owned it, think i will give up and just leave it as it is.


They are longer, they just sit further forward in the bumper.

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Do i need to do anything to the bracket to bring it forward or is there no need?


You will see there is an extra bolt thing on the side of the indicator, you just need to drill an extra hole in the bumper to accomodate it.


Some people don't bother drilling the extra hole, but I also tried fitting the indicators without the third hole but they were far too wobbly.

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Thank you kindly for the link Elmo, i dont mind fitting the headlights myself but when it comes to erm modifying bits of plastic to make them fit and wiring, i am rather clumpsy, pmsl.


You can ignore the modifying bits of plastic bit as you have the genuine toyota lights, the lights in the guide or the cheaper ebay replica's.


The only thing you need to do is cut the indicator bulb holders off your cars loom, cut the connectors of your new loom and join them togeather then wire up the sidelights.


Job done :D

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