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    It's my old car and it's definitely quicksilver
  2. Haven't been on here in ages but thought I post a couple of pics of a Supra I spotted in the paddock at Donington Histoic Festival a couple of weeks ago. Nice looking Sup http://www.gt40builder.com/image-dump/supra-donington.jpg http://www.gt40builder.com/image-dump/supra-donington2.jpg Trev
  3. Sorry guys didn't realise it had been posted already. Also I just saw a post on here about those Go Pro HD helmet cameras which I am looking at buying, they would be perfect for some onboard car crash action . So if you write your car off you'll still make a heap of cash from the youtube coverage of you driving like an idiot in HD. Trev
  4. Jesus, just saw this video. This driver must be the luckiest person ever http://www.carfeed.net/news/read/topgear/uk/car-news/windscreen-smash-2011-04-05 I did think it might be a fake but looks pretty real to me Trev
  5. Yeah, difference is I did it in a Citroen AX 1.0L worth about £300
  6. Doh, Just watched the video, didn't read the description underneath
  7. Difficult to know how much damage he did, I'd love to see a few pics of the car
  8. Wouldn't want to be in this guys shoes when he takes the car back: http://www.carfeed.net/videos/watch/P2PhJaZhsxU/First-Ferrari-FF-crash/ Trev
  9. Hi all Massive news for Jaguar fans as it seems a new E-type concept is going to be put into production. No exact figures on price yet but estimated to be between £400-800k depending on numbers of cars produced. Full details here http://www.topgear.com/uk/assets/cms/eea0e14d-819b-4d2f-a483-fd4f7610ec74/Large%20Image.jpg?p=110304_10:42 Looks stunning, what do you guys think? Trev
  10. Not quite, but that's an awesome score
  11. 112.29 is my best score but I think it can be beaten.
  12. Do you not have a facebook account or are you using it on a work computer etc Trev
  13. Hi all I thought I'd share with you a game I've just finished making. It's a simple but addictive flash game called Santa's Superbounce. It's a great way to kill 5 minutes in the office and you can challenge your friends to beat your score. http://apps.facebook.com/santabounce/ Please have a go, share with your friends let me know what you think. Also post up your best score below. Trev
  14. What about having the rears widened by 1", would the offset change or would it be ok? Trev
  15. Fronts are 8" wide with +40 offset. The rears are 8.5" with +40 offset.
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