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  1. They must be worried, desperatley trying to get funding pulled by straigh up lies about the contect being far right and hate speech.
  2. I have been keeping tabs on GBN, i did have to chuckle at the complaints that came in before it even launched by the usual types suggesting it was going to be a bunch of Nazi's talking and warning firms not to fund them. The BBC tried to cut the rug from under their feet by attempting to stop them from sharing certain content. But what made my day was the Guardin and Independant throwing thier toys out of the pram about the first days coverage, says to be they are doing something right. Hope they get the sync, sound and lighting issues corrected and then we can see the viewing figu
  3. His type, including Clinton, have the thickest skin. Huge lies that every sane none Guardian reading person can see but still think they can preach an opinion.
  4. Agreed but i think the Aussies take the gold medal for their politicians, love their Sky News reporting as well, refreshingly honest
  5. Amp has never been gigged and is in near perfect condition as you can see from the pictures Not only does the amplifier morph from a bass amp to an acoustic amp, to an electric amp, it also allows the electric guitar player access to instrument models as well. The realistic simulations allow users to manipulate the sound of their electric guitar to mimic an acoustic guitar, a bass, a 12-string guitar, and more. Using a SHARC processor and Peavey’s exclusive TransTube® analog circuitry creates the best sounding modelling amplifiers available. All VYPYR effects, amp models and par
  6. But we cant let them just get away with it, their economy has been booming since everyone needed the PPE etc and everyone elses has tanked. We shall be paying this back for decades.
  7. Seems i shouldnt follow certain sites listings. Now £170 with free delivery
  8. Greetings, I have a number of Dell Latitude E5440 Laptops for sale, they come with the following :- i3 Gen 4 Processor 8Gb brand new memory 240Gb brand new SSD DVD RW All come with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Nero 2016 etc All boot very quickly and loads programs in seconds Case, screen and keyboard in excellent condition £200 delivered This one i am selling on eBay with only 4gb of memory but the pictures are an example. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-Latitude-E5440-i3-processor-4Gb-RAM-Brand-new-240GB-SSD-Window
  9. And not allowing factor parts for the Audi Quattro, bastards.
  10. MaveriK

    PC Help

    Very kind Sir
  11. MaveriK

    Tyre Slime

    Tried that gunk to spray in a punctured tyre, once deposited into the tyre it preceded to empty itself out of the hole and onto my shoes so i had to drive 50 miles with the tyre hanging on/off. Bought a spare, may move back to run flats but the drive is so much nicer on standard
  12. MaveriK


    I have done from the ground up curry, i love the prep work but i get fed up with the waste. So unless its a special occation i will use a base sause and then pervert the hell out of it. Nice colour to yours.
  13. What Monty and i do at the weekend is for recreational purposes only. Oh, and..........
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