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  1. You've got a few threads running on this one mate so not sure which one to post on, hoping this one will grab your attention? Are you still looking for offers circa 5k?
  2. Yeah I'm good thanks mate! Work does always seem to find it's way into ruining our social lives doesn't it! Salvatore's TT looks pretty nice, and from the threads he looks like he's looking for a deal too so you never know, I may go TT after all!
  3. 5k is a hell of a drop from 8 but it looks like Salvatore is willing to sell at that price? Hmmmmm, I wonder!
  4. Will you children stop arguing on my thread!!! :D
  5. Lovely looking aerotop mate! Just a little out of my budget at that price though. :-(
  6. Now that is a nice car! Love the colour, but it's just slightly over my budget!
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, and yeah, the EVL plate stands out a lot! Is Havards up for sale? And what's all this nonsence about "there goes the neighbourhood!"
  8. Thanks Jurgen! Loving that gold one you have at top of your website for sale page!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Hey Rob!
  9. Does this belong to anyone on here?? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1126032.htm
  10. Michael, i should have expected such wit from your good self!! Hows life? Havent seen Corrine for a while Rich, but i'm out this Saturday so may see her!
  11. Hellooooo!! Missed you all!! Im back on the market for another Supra, want to spend less than 5k, but has to be as nice as my last 2 i had! (Those who know me will know what i mean!) Has to be an N/A too for insurance etc! Anyone know of any nice examples? Jurgen? Matt
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I want it!!! Need to sell my FTO though! (Dont laugh!!)
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