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  1. Hey all, Saw a nice black Mkiv supe by the showcase tonight. I was in the silver pimp barge I was the dude shouting if you were on the Mkiv forum! Anyone here? Dave
  2. Any idea on delivery costs fella?
  3. Rookey

    Physics joke

    Bar walks into a man... oops, wrong reference frame!
  4. I've given up on it now... I'm a damn vampire and can't cure it!haha I may try again in a week or so but I've spent about 8hrs trying to cure myself... Keep running around but everyone attacks me!!
  5. What year? Facelift etc? MOT? Tax?
  6. Oooh this sounds good - will have to check it out!
  7. Hey man, it's not like an online crazy "5 year old gonna beat yo' ass" type of game... It's more like fable, but bigger. You can get a job, forge stuff, choose race, level-up etc etc... I've just thought... Does the fact that I enjoy this make me a bit of a "geek"??!
  8. I put some time into this last night... very good
  9. Ahh cool... Several mates on there One of my mates on there is breaking his 13 at the moment after buying a Supra! Same wheels/kit as yours... Black and yellow one. He's now on here as AGB Welcome again fella! Dave
  10. She's from Kentucky What made me even happier is she wants a supra too!
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