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  1. No it’s a 5 speed but, although I’m biased, it’s spot on - either way worth more than I paid for it which is a first for the cars I’ve owned , doesn’t really matter as I’ll never sell it and my oldest son will inherit one day. I’ll get some pictures up when I can drive her out of the garage safely again. Thanks for your replies.
  2. It’s my first day on the site, hope you don’t mind me asking a question? I bought my Red, Manual SZ straight off the boat from Japan in 1999, it’s a 1993/4 L reg and all original apart from the stereo (still have the Japanese one) and the wheels (wish I’d kept them!) and I have just insured it for another year. She’s in really good nick and I have really looked after her. I have always insured it for what I paid for it (£10,000) but am thinking it might be worth a bit more now. Can’t find one on line to get an idea so thought I’d ask you guys - she’s only done 74,000 miles. I’d
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