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  1. Few years back now volt or something like that
  2. Carbon bonnet , bloody predictive text lol
  3. Nož lol everthing for šale at right priče but take lots to pry from My bruv just Little what it has billet light weight crank greedy pistons ported head race valves and springs race cams titanium rods 3 plate Carbon clutch veilside inlet full link ecu single turbo ceramic coated headers 4inch exh carbon prop fully ballaced engine by f1 company Massive inj cant remember size full roll cage big rad Massive intercooler line lock 12pot calipers i think all round fully adj supension
  4. Not for šale got to much money in it, last time it ran it had 769 rhhp then had full engine rebuild with best stuff he could get at time,then would t run so parked it, time went by as it does! turned out to be broken knock sensor lol so been recomisioned and Gearbox out at mo so i can check crank seals, then all should be good. it has all the gear to make over 1000bhp now but will need mapping but needs running in First . thanks for nice comments tho
  5. Just dug my bruvs car out after 15 years tdr wide body with 26000 miles on clock
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