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  1. after the steel section from the front subframe, also the two brace bars as well if possible I've had mine blasted and don't think I would trust them now cheers
  2. hello there anyone got any rear backing plates, don't need any off the drum bits as I've got all new ready to replace however the backing plates them self have been cut down before and not repainted and now have nearly completely rusted away cheers
  3. legend cheers for the reply ill do so now
  4. hello there, I'm in need for the 2 big bolts which bolt though the front of the rear subframe in picture also after 4 of the little bolts which hold the rear subframe bushes to the body cheers
  5. will take some picture tomorrow i don't think they will be able to read any part numbers because the state they are in like cheers
  6. mugello if you could have a look that would be great thanks
  7. Is that someone on here? Cheers
  8. Cheers I wouldn’t of thought of Toyota because it’s age but yea will ring them today thanks
  9. Anyone selling a rear crash cross member the steel box section piece behind the rear bumper mines nearly rusted away cheers
  10. Anyone got the 3 heat shields for sale which go rear subframe cheers
  11. I’m after a fuel thanks cover as mines got a few rust holes init cheers
  12. Hello there I’m after the rear subframe don’t need any arms just the subframe please Cheers
  13. Looking for a stripped rear subframe no arms etc mines rotten but arms are good and all the bushes will be poly bushes anyway cheers southwest or willing to post please Pm me if you have one please
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