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  1. eddyjo

    Idea Of Price

    Manged to get some pics, actually seats are better then expected. Just the drivers has a tear/worn bolster. Carpets just need a good clean. Underneath looks good. Headlights need some TLC. And it was pretty dusty too ! Battery was flat so couldn't start it Think he'll see what sort of money the one at the end of the month gets then think about how to proceed.
  2. eddyjo

    Idea Of Price

    He's had it since new but is finally thinking about selling (reluctantly) as it's just not getting any use. Just has no idea of where to sell or it's value. I said I'd have a look and came across this forum. I've seen there's one coming up at the Silverstone auction at the end of the month, but thats had quite a bit of money spent on it.
  3. eddyjo

    Idea Of Price

    Thanks Just cracked leather on the seats and grubby carpets (age related but no tears) Dash, wheel etc is good. There's a phone kit that's screwed into the dash (thats the 90's for you !) Hopefully I'll get some pics at the weekend and post them on here.
  4. Sorry I know it's a vague question but my trying to help my boss get an idea of price for his car that he's finally thinking about selling. It a UK 1994 Supra Manual Twin Turbo. He's owned from new. Completely standard. Full dealer service history. It's blue but it has been resprayed (the original colour) a few years ago. Interior is average but not great. It got about 60k miles on it. Any help would be appreciated. If you need any more info I can get it.
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