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  1. Best bet is send that off to get properly detailed and polished and photographed and then auction it
  2. Anyone got a oem radio going?? Don’t care if it works or what type as long as it’s Standard looking thanks a million
  3. found one for £30 thanks though!!!
  4. Anyone have a standard Radio for a supra, my hand smashed the screen on my Pioneer and now it doesn’t work might as well put something Standard back on..pm please so I get a notification
  5. Hey guys I bought a non runner mk4 Supra Its was a NA that was converted to TT Car only runs if i spray some fuel into the intake pipe by the throttle body, Once it gets going it runs totally fine and it switches off and starts back up like a normal car If left overnight it does the same thing again...wont start until i spray fuel in intake pipe... Fuel pump is working fine, I've even given it 12v direct and it makes no difference Previous owner who did the swap is clueless
  6. Does anyone know what actually stand for? Acronyms?
  7. Interesting good to know!
  8. Hey guys New to the supra scene What do these mean SZ RZ SZ-R ETC? Any recommended decoding sites? Thanks
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