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  1. sound clip might help....otherwise we are all stabbing in the dark!
  2. I wish i could mellonman.- Peter he is asking £7500 for it.-Gaz i know it had some paint work done after i owned it so maybe not perfect in the colour match i would like to guess, you can see from the spats that were added after i sold it are a little out, it was possibly the cleanest car i had ever owned:(.-Ben do the active lip! Iam an avid fan of the whole oem look.-Mark, i will always look at the supra with adoring eyes...there is just something about it, the lines, the speed....and the price ha ha, however i have en eye on other stuff too not all import stuff or even jap, i am liking the
  3. Anyone missed me?? Well i am still supraless , but now have two Lovely little girls:)....how life has changed for me!! I still look at them and have just found my old one for sale on pistonheads:thumbs:, its being sold by a trader in essex. Added a pic of the ol girl to remind you all.....
  4. Some brake shoes are not bonded on very well.....seen it before, shoes can sometimes last the life of the car, obviously under normal operating conditions. I expect this wil be a one off for you.
  5. You can pick up a focus nowadays for the price of a cambelt, so I wouldn't worry :-)
  6. Brakes are not something I would suggest to try to fix if you don't have the knowledge.
  7. Common fault...clean the rear brake shoes and drums.
  8. ....look at this link I found when I google the engine type to try and get a pic for you. http://pariswells.com/blog/tag/vauxhall-astra-engine-coolant-temperature-sensor although this is a mk4 and your is a three. Is it a multipoint injection? Several places if I can recall without looking at my paperwork, could be at the back of the inlet manifold or in the head just above the alternator bracket. Good luck!
  9. Fruitless exercise I would say on an n/a.....save your money for cosmetic mods!
  10. Disconnect the cold start switch then start the vehicle as this will fool the ecu thinking the engine is cold.if it starts first time then you know it's the sensor.this must be done on a cold engine, on a hot engine it will be overfueling and will be very had to start. Cold start switch is a two terminal block either blue or black.
  11. As a pair £100.... Nic used to get these I believe?
  12. What happened fella, didnt poison yourself with your cooking did you?
  13. movistar

    near miss

    How lucky was this chap?
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