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  1. I am not usually a fan of bodykits, but this one looks really cool, even the spoiler
  2. I had just the front suspension, I've ordered all the rear arms(traction rod, upper arms, lower arms, arb links and tension rod) from Japan. I use the car daily and I am having a different mindset, something like "Nothing else can break ". And its quite pleasing to go through a number of potholes or road imperfections and to hear nothing from the suspension
  3. Thanks! Its the same as all the other Supra models, besides the anti roll bar(its thicker). I did the work at Darren @ Magnum Performance in Enfield and he did an amazing job. you can either reuse and update the bushings or completely replace the arms. Thanks a lot!
  4. Part 1 - Buying the car I have found the car on ebay, it was an auction listing and I contacted the buyer and convinced him to sell me the car before the auction ends It was owned by a previous club member near Glasgow and had a big stack of previous service history, has a lot of stamps in the history book and was serviced by Toyota until 2002 when it had about 90k miles. It sat for a long time until 2012 (97k miles) and then was not used much until I bought it (had 106k miles when bought). It now has 114k miles and its not been a year since I bought it and I am happy to say that t
  5. I have BC coilovers at the softest settings and I am really happy with the ride comfort. My ride height is set to just a tiny bit lower than stock.
  6. mine does this when battery is almost dead
  7. I know the previous owner owned it for a couple of years so maybe before that. I think all of the last 3 owners(including me) were club members
  8. These are actually XXR 521 with BBS stickers Have 0 issues with them, had a few pairs of JR wheels previously and all were crap, they were wobbling at high speeds. These have been through quite some tough terrain, no cracks or any issues whatsoever. Fronts: 8.5J ET35 - 235/40/18 (Chinese tyres but they work great, next time will put some branded ones) Rear: 10.5j ET20 - 265/35/18 (Goodyear Eagle F1) Arches have been slightly rolled, I am thinking of going for 275 next time since I have 0 rubbing with 265. Pics from underneath:
  9. I hope so, since I have invested too much in the car haha
  10. Wanted to create a thread for a long time related to my Supra to have a history of what was done to the car. Got the car in July 2020, sold my NA5 few days before and wanted to upgrade to one with a turbo I will be detailing everything I did with the car over these posts, including a few roadtrips across Europe. This initial post will be related to what the car is now and how it looks. 1993 UK-spec Toyota Supra (I believe this is from the first batch that were brought to UK) Exterior and chassis: 113k miles Full repaint in October 2020 in Reneissance Red 2
  11. The bad part is that there is nothing really useful for us, we had headlights available before, door handles are not a rarity and brake boosters were available too... So I don't see anything that is valuable. Interior parts, dash panels, rear speaker panels, drivetrain parts, etc. thats what we really need. If they would start producing a new v160 or parts for it(which is not possible, I know) it would sell in thousands, not just for the Supra.
  12. from what I've seen its about $670 per each facelift headlight or pre-facelift ones. Thats from Japanese dealers.
  13. Maybe not the right thread for this, but does anyone have any experience on how BW EFRs compare to Precision gen2? They seem to be in the same price range.
  14. 85500-12240 85515-14010 85513-12020 All of these
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