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  1. CBR

    Bpu @ 1.1 bar

    Nice results! What was the injector duty cycle?
  2. Nice suup Wayne! Still looking for the JDM rear brake kit? I have the calipers, good as new OEM discs and brembo pads for you in The Netherlands. PM me you email/phone# so I can send you some more info and pictures. I cant use the messenger it seems.
  3. [quote name='jackso11']The stock piping is rubber[/QUOTE] ....:rolleyes: Piping that came with the kit.
  4. Dan, do you know if SRD is using the ATF Speed internals?
  5. Hi Rider, yes it does. No problems with speed bumps at all. It might be the angle of the picture. It's tucked up really nicely to the body for a 3.5" system. Most HKS exhausts are lower and it's a lot closer to the body that the original Amuse R1!
  6. Some new pictures: I still can't figure out an easy way to upload pictures on this forum.
  7. Nice! What stall and how do you like the SRD auto?
  8. Buy a TB Developments catback. It's an Amuse R1 copy, but better fitment and quality. It's a full 3.5", quieter than a nür spec and HKS TI.
  9. Anyone got an update on this? Might be in search of a set for the rear.
  10. What about a C6 Z06? I've been looking at these recently, since the 911 will be too expensive if something goes wrong. Prices seem to be steady in our country. Lot of bang for buck. Great aftermarket support.
  11. Hey bud, I would build it. Your car looks very well maintained and a good base for a project like this. an ATF stage 3 auto, 3500 stall and PHR street kit 6266/6766 or similar will be a very fun and quick auto. Pretty much what I have in mind for my own car in the future. With the correct stall speed and turbo combination, you will have minimal lag. Last year a member sent me some incar videos of his build auto with Induction Performace magic 4K stall on a 6466. I was curious about the slip with a 4k stall. I was surprised how effortless it drove in daily conditions with minimal slip.
  12. No it's stock piping. Just powder coated.
  13. Finally fitted mine. Black powder coating on the piping. Was able to keep the stock airbox
  14. Hi Rider, mind sharing the source? I tried to get some from an aliexpress shop a while back. They seem similar, but they couldn't make them at the time, so I've bought some very expensive 2nd hand sensors. Still hurts till this day. I will take a look if I can find my old sensors. If I find them you can have them for free if you pay shipping from the Netherlands.
  15. Proefi is also a very good option
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