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  1. This is the old one, not a full picture, it certainly made the hands dirty but how do I tell if it's an oily one ?
  2. It's in and working and I'm relieved it didn't take me 6 hours to remove and fit !!!
  3. I have just purchased a new lucas 100 amp Alternator
  4. Garage checked it and confirmed not volts coming from Alternator, do I get it repaired or replaced ?
  5. Would I get that from Toyota dealer who does Lexus parts ?
  6. I really need one with the airbag, I suppose I could try and source airbag separately, how much do you want for the steering wheel ?
  7. I am trying to locate an original pre facelift with an airbag
  8. Got one now thanks !
  9. Nash


    I will update once Alternator is fixed
  10. Nash


    It does have an airbag on the passenger side
  11. Nash


    Did any of the imports have airbags ?
  12. I had similar on an MGZT, it was caused by faulty engine mounts !
  13. Nash


    I think it had an airbag because tester could see the wires
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