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  1. Thanks Blythmrk I’ll look forward to the quotes including supra tax then
  2. Anyone selling the dial for a speedo? Something like pictures below Thanks
  3. Looking to purchase headlight washers, anyone selling?
  4. Anyone selling an Airbox for a TT? VVTI or non is fine Let me know Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Looking for facelift indicators anyone selling Thanks Tom
  6. You can still get the speed awareness course for that speed. Bro got snapped at 96 and got it. Caught 9 months ago
  7. Anyone selling the clock from a S2 dashboard? Pic below
  8. Probably will need both, the plan is for a RIDOX wide body and it just looked silly with the 9.5s I had. Thanks for the thoughts
  9. Thoughts appreciated on this one. I’m currently running what I believe to be the stock JDM TT auto differential and am thinking of upgrading my rear wheels to 11/12 inch width. Does anyone know if the diff will be strong enough to withstand the extra forces associated with the increased width? Think it’s the AO24 diff if that helps. Car is BPU makes somewhere around 400 Bhp with no modifications to the driveline Thanks Tom
  10. Whoops that’s what you get by copy and pasting from your Facebook post..... the rest stays lol
  11. Hi All, I am looking for the following parts please let me know if you have anything Non-VVTI Cam covers (GTE) Front wings OEM both sides Bonnet OEM OEM front bumper Airbox GTE (VVTI or Non) Euro Tail lights Active spoiler full kit OEM rear spats OEM side skirts Boot Mouldings for the tools etc. If you have anything please let me know Thanks Tom
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