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  1. Alright then, thanks for the reply. Just a quick question, what hp can the stock SMIC handle, do you think?
  2. Hey guys, I know this thread is old, did you ever come about with a solution for this? Thanks for the help
  3. This is beautiful. I dig it. still a year too early for USA. Dammit. If you still have it in about 6 months, ill buy it from you. I love the colour. Something like "Tiffany Blue", my wife hates my current MKIV as I spend too much on detailers and tid bits every month,... LoL, but this.... I think she might dig it too. Hehehe.
  4. Keep it man. That's the better idea. [emoji1687][emoji482]
  5. Hey, brother... I'm excited for you too, honestly! Taking the road less travelled is always fun. At least to me... Hehehehe. All the best brother. There's a person here in California who did the itb setup. Brandon Taft and the shop which tuned it was FSR if memory serves me correctly. No doubt, between the 2JZ straight 6 and ITBs, the sound is going to be AMAZING!!! Cheers! [emoji1687][emoji482]
  6. Interested as well with this. My antenna is stuck at the highest and it would not go down .
  7. Following closely for ideas..hehehe. good job,man!
  8. Geezus, that's heavy. All the best man. If you don't mind my asking- around how much did you purchase the car in this state? Sorry if it was answered before. Thanks.
  9. Do it brother. You will be doing a lot of folks a huge favor. Honestly. Shoot, if it's the right price, I'll put a deposit for you right now. I'll pay for the shipping to the states. Just saying.
  10. If you are not going to keep the rear license plate side garnish thingys, I would like to get it off your hands if possible. Good job so far, brother. [emoji1687][emoji482]
  11. I cannot agree with you more. Your idea of a good looking road car is on the same wavelength as my idea for my MKIV. [emoji1687][emoji482]
  12. Man, your car is soooo magical. Love the black and copper. Nice tidbits too. Will definitely follow progress. Cheers! [emoji1687][emoji482]
  13. Good job on your build man! I'm following that too.... [emoji482][emoji1687]
  14. That is true, but even this is absolutely nice. TBH. Good thing you got it bro.... And too bad the logical angel on my right was stronger and guided me to fix some crucial things before they go bad and leave me stranded somewhere. Cheers, bro! [emoji482][emoji1687] LoL.
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