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  1. Hi all, as per title. looking for torsen diff. Either 01 or 02
  2. GTE map sensor £50 posted GTE fuel pump £40 posted
  3. Mike, Decision have been made and I will hold fire on gte+greddy piggyback and will save up to get ECUMaster. Do you work at SRD Tuning as per your title ? Would you guys be able to tune my na-t with ECUMaster?
  4. Mike, Thank you for detailed explanation. 2jz is abit new for me as i was always 300zx vg30dett guy haha. The only reason i wanted to go GTE ecu as I have greddy piggyback currently plugged in, and bigger injectors can get tuned using that and after watching “supravworld” diy video it all sounded pretty easy. i have just checked Ecumaster ecu and thats like £650. Not bad at all. i guess i can sell gte ecu+Greddy and then just add a little for a proper ecu and tune.
  5. Hi All, I did use search button guys, with no luck I am currently running NA-T with stock 330cc high impendence Injectors and GE ECU + Greddy piggyback. I am moving to GTE ECU + Greddy piggyback for smart coil upgrade to delete dizzy, which will involve upgrading injectors as my old ones are currently maxing out. With GTE ECU do I still run High impendence injectors or do I need to move to low independence? As Injectors are driven by ECU thats where I got confused. Thanks, Ed
  6. let me know if the sale doesn't go through
  7. wow that was quick.. i was about to message you.
  8. Hi all, As per title. I am looking for MAP sensor and IACV.
  9. Hi Mate, Thank you for detailed explanation. I have picked up GTE ECU on ebay yesterday, still looking for GTE MAP sensor. I have also picked up GTE Intake which i will run with GE to GTE adapter, i know its not ideal but will do the trick for now. GTE rocker covers will go on as well, so it looks nicer ascetically and dizzy cap. I believe IAT is on GTE intake? Screwed on, 2 pin pug? As i am running W58 5 speed, i can ignore auto box issues I believe oem 440cc injectors from GTE wont work as they are side feed. I am looking in to getting 550cc top feed injec
  10. I have just spent hours of researching and yes i will have to go with GTE ECU for coilpacks and it is pretty easy to install them and pin them. i will plug my greddy piggyback on gte ecu, but that will have to get remapped though, due to coilpacks and injectors.
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