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  1. Quick roll call! Anyone own a supra around East london/Essex seen a few about & would be good to know some other local heads.
  2. Good to know some other local owners- I've seen a few around woodford (black)/ chingford (white) / leytonstone (grey) / Canary wharf (grey)
  3. Still available? Where are you based?
  4. Hey man. Are these still available?
  5. Hey man. Just wondering how the conversion is holding up a year or so later? Any advise you could offer or owt you would do differently? I also have to agree that Paul @ Whifbitz definitely puts in the work to be approachable when discussing options etc - I must've exchanges at least 50 emails with the guy and he was very patient to be fair. My NA auto is booked in for the na-t in 2 weeks time so was interested to see how yours was holding up. BK
  6. I saw a nice black supra at the car wash in Jet petrol station near the Green Man roundabout at the top of Hermon Hill (between south woodford and Leytonstone). Looked good and sounded pretty raw on rev!
  7. Hey man what was the spool like on the turbo?? Did u use it for na-t? Interested in a few parts here.
  8. Hey man thanks v helpful. What other turbos are you taking into consideration for your forged build? Or are you just that happy with the gtx3073 that you dont need to consider anything further? Also when i say 450bhp i actually mean I want around 400 - 450 whp so im guessing that equates to anywhere between 470-550 bhp depending on the efficiency/flow of the set up. I will look into the manifold too asap!
  9. This also sounds interesting. Currently available for ~£500. Let us know how your dyno results go later in the year man! Do you find the 3k full boost a bit early?? I understand it is personal preference - just for some reasom I have it in my head that 3800-4000 is the sweet spot but thats based just on my gut feeling
  10. Thanks man - i think the value proposition of thr s360 makes the most sense at the moment from what im reading
  11. Tnx man - what bhp u packing? Would you recommend buying the s360 then? Or would you do things differently in retrospect?
  12. thanks will add it to my list and send the excel file comparing them all at the end. any more suggestions are v welcome BK
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