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  1. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. mwilkinson x2 3. Jackie Silver x 4 4. Ellis x3 5. 96sz 6. Mo Reviews x3 7. Josh42 x2 8. Luxluc x2 9. Wile e coyote x2 10. Soopra 11. Tayr 12. Griffsplace 13. Supra-Love 14. KamaSupra x2 15. MrGtr 16. Supra_scott 17.PJJ 18. Madbull2255 x2 19. Bradleyh_15 20. Max5437 x4 21. m12aak 22. Inazone x2 23. Peter P 24. ben_harmer32 25. Supragal 26. Eddie-s x2 27. mellonman 28. charlton 29. Delboy52 30. Crossy x 2
  2. Hi mate, I've been assured they've been transferred over already, however it definitely wouldn't hurt to drop them an email and ask!
  3. If anyone that is intending to come still and rebooting, or even those booking from scratch could drop a message below that would also make my life easier cheers all!
  4. That's the way to do it! Thanks for putting the info up mate. If anyone knows any of the people on the 1st post on a personal level would you mind dropping them a message letting them know about the rescheduling of this event, worried a lot of people aren't seeing this info!
  5. Hi all; New thread for the Caffeine and Machine Meet which was originally planned for April but cancelled due to Corona. We have a new date being Sunday 18th October 9.30am until 12pm. ALL tickets purchased for that event will be usable against this event. If you are unsure then drop their events team an email to ensure they have changed it for you. If you cant make the event then also drop them an email and reschedule for a week you could return yourself, or ask for a refund. If any of you want a ticket to this event, again, drop the Caffeine and Machine events team an email sp
  6. New revised date and time! Sunday 18th October 9.30am until 12pm. All previous purchased tickets will be transferred over to this new day and time. If you cant make it, get in touch with Caffeine and Machine Directly and ask for a refund. Tickets should be purchasable through their website as of Friday latest as well for those who haven't bought already.
  7. Spoken with them last week and they have got back to me today. They have suggested Sunday 18th October
  8. This is something I've wanted to attend for years yet always somehow seem to end up either working or busy. I'd love to be involved as I've actually managed to catch it early this time! Do you take applications towards a spot at the show on the Supra stand or how do you work it? Thanks, Sam
  9. Still for sale. If someone comes and collects this coming weekend I'll do it for £150
  10. Finally had a couple of free weekends where I managed to fit all the Carbon on! The diffuser was a bit of hard work and problem solving but I managed to fit that without cutting away an area for the backbox to protrude through as well. Had a proper shoot for the car as well but I'll be waiting on those images and videos for a couple weeks.
  11. Ahhhh the Ridox Style Air Diverters. I used to like the look of those, not so keen anymore. Don't think I could bring myself to do anything that would compromise the bodywork permanently on this, seriously proud of how clean it is haha. The diffuser I'm planning on mounting in a way that doesn't mean drilling the rear bumper as well, going to take some good pre-planning and supports; if anyone reading this has managed it without drilling the rear bumper, and without the use of spats please drop a comment!
  12. The long bits are side extensions! They actually connect to all of the bolt holes that are already there holding the plastic trim in place
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