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  1. Nice work mate. Congrats once again. Any chance you would share the diagrams you made or is there a fee for your hard work?
  2. @griffsplace ah I see noted mate. Maybe I will trouble you for some later. Still no idea what I am gona do yet. @Big Markthat really looks good mate. What did it set you back to make them? Modelling time, electricity, plastic material? Those look great. Remember when I was hunting them in Japan for my RZ model as Toyota told me its discontinued. Will await the final piece after you done. Your flappy pedals are for the tip tronic RZ setup? Or you running a BMW DCT trans?
  3. damn gentlemen, these are some great re-inventions lol. A lot more is needed on these cars after 25 years. Dash panels, interior trim clips, boot plastic panels and clips, stuff like the fuel and brake line clips for under carriage and firewall side among other parts. I actually am going to trouble my mate to see if he can print me a badge for mine using one of my std badges as he is currently doing that for another vehicle brand. @Big Mark you ever get around to completing that steering cowl surround? @griffsplaceyou ever fit those side air vent panels back mate to see how the print
  4. Glad you were on top of that one. Very nice to see mods being done to an auto trans. You have a link for me as to where you got those clutch packs from mate? Nobody in my country believes in an auto supra. You either gay or a woman trapped in a man's body if you drive an auto. None the less we have some serious contenders at the drag strip, some 2jz with auto TH400 boxes. One being a supra that last ran a low 9s with nos and high boost. For now, I want to keep mine auto as it rolled off the factory floor but its no where near to being complete.
  5. RHD are available in Japan but sell for roughly $3000 a pair excl. They pop up now and then and are sold as a pair of brand new lights still in packaging
  6. Very lovely car that mate. Congrats to you on redoing the under carriage. Any updates on this?
  7. I have these if you still need them but shipping will be on you Rajah
  8. That the flat sticker looking like thing. They showed me that. Similar thing you would find where the door cushion closing rubber stopper would hit against the body but the sticker would be there instead of it just hitting up against the paint work
  9. Remember an article for Formula atlantic 4age engines requesting the use of said filter for lexus above as it has more room for filtering. Don't know what other properties
  10. Can someone please assist me with a rear rubber seal/pug for the rear of the body where the boot/tail gate hinges mount onto the body section pls. The one side has the harness which has its own rubber sleeve and the other side is suppose to have a rubber plug. I checked at Toyota yesterday and didn't win really.
  11. This would be wrong mate. The flow from the water neck is hot side water. As the coolant flows from the top of radfiator from this point down to the bottom of the radiator, it is cooled and then fed into the water pump side as cold water. You can even feel the difference and logically that is how it is as hot water/ steam would rise and cold water would not.
  12. if its the auto version, I am of the belief that it will still work. Can you pm me a price regarding this please Keron
  13. `Hello Keron. The prop shaft. That be the one that joins between differential to gearbox pls
  14. Some great prices there. You shipping internationally?
  15. Hello Keron. Can you pm me a price on the drive shaft from the auto UK one please. Let me know if it is still available please.
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