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  1. Really interested in just the mats? How much for those on their own posted to Northern Ireland? Thanks, Philip.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I’ve had an E46 M3 so would want something a little different. Never really considered a Jaguar - don’t really think they would be my cup of tea.
  3. 2017 Focus RS or a BMW M4 or possibly saving a bit of money and going E92 M3 Competition Pack - the latter of which should be a safe place for the money. The Focus not so much haha!
  4. Thanks! I've been in 90's/Early 00's Jap stuff now for over 8 years - I finally fancy something a bit fresher. I'll probably regret it!
  5. Here's how the lights look now (poor picture sorry)
  6. If you fancy a trip to Northern Ireland my TT Auto will be going up for sale soon. It's got 83,000 miles and I would be looking for around £11,000. It's got the Active Aero front Splitter too, quite a nice little rare option. It's not long after an MOT where it passed with no advisories (strict over here all government ran). It's now got dark inserts in the front lights and I had them refreshed and polished since these pictures were taken. My last R33 GTR Skyline went to England so I've no problem meeting a serious buyer at the Airport etc. Oh, aside from a Blitz Nur Spec it's complet
  7. Thanks! I have no idea to be honest he thought it was standard but it does seem to sit quite low! I had a look when doing the arches and the springs are black with no obvious markings?
  8. So just a quick update to say I bought it! I have a had it a while and after a multiple day detail (I prefer to do all my own work in that regard) and a set of 17 inch Supra rims (sourced on eBay) it is ready! Stuck my number plate on too. Few photos below: https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/attachments/dsc_0004-jpg.151029/ https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/attachments/dsc_0005-jpg.151030/ https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/attachments/dsc_0007-jpg.151031/ https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/attachments/dsc_0009-jpg.151032/ https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/attachments/dsc_0010-jpg.151033/ On the
  9. Philip

    LSD Options

    Hello, I have a Toyota Supra RZ-S Auto and unfortunately I do not have a factory fitted LSD. What are the best options? I plan on increasing the power but I want to sort out an LSD and upgraded brakes first. I've seen some M-Factory options, but they mention 1.0 Way/1.5 Way etc and I can't seem to figure out what the difference is? What would be the best for a road car which would get the odd spirited drive! Is there another better option? Thanks, Philip.
  10. Hello, I would be after a set of OEM Front Seats that would fit a 1995 J-Spec RS-Z. I would be open to a set of OEM Recaros in decent condition or a single drivers side seat (working if electric). Located in Northern Ireland. Thanks, Philip.
  11. Looking for a set of Headlights for my 1995 J-Spec Supra RZ-S. They must be as new/mint. If anyone knows if these can still be bought new that would be helpful also. Located in Northern Ireland so would need postage or collection nearby. Thanks, Philip.
  12. That is awesome! Exactly how I want mine to look when I'm done - I can't find a set of 17s anywhere that the seller will post to Northern Ireland otherwise I would have them. For what it's worth (I've been in the car trade a fair while) the C63 AMG will be nowhere near as fun as your car. I know on paper it looks great and all but the older stuff is just so much more exciting! I wouldn't sell it! If I did I wouldn't go to a C63. But good luck with whatever you do... you'll have no problems selling that car!
  13. Went and had a quick five minutes viewing as it was parked up. It has the active front spoiler which is a nice touch and for being 1995 it's pretty damn clean! Doesn't seem to have any issues with rust all arches good etc. Hopefully a deal will be done tommorow he still has no idea on price, though!
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