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  1. I'll pull the starter relay then and do a couple of the other bits too, thanks guys, less hassle than taking a back wheel off! While we are on the subject of alarms Noz what alarm(s) do you have? I have been looking to upgrade mine but when I have done this in the past any one I pick just acts as a night time air raid siren periodically until I switch it back out again.
  2. Hi All So I am taking my Supe to someone's house for a few days and just a quick question. With the sharp increase in value, even though it is immobilzed and has a crook lock on the steering wheel what is another easy way to make sure nobody can half inch it, ie stop it starting even if I tried with the key and fob, but without causing any harm. I remember someone telling me disconnecting the battery for a long period on a Supra does something to the ECU potentially which isn't good. O was thinking just pulling the starter motor fuse every time I leave it, would that be th
  3. No worries I can wait, it allows you to do a search and it looks like there isnt any panels on there any more but well worth joining for other bits
  4. Does anyone know how long it takes to get approved for the Facebook site, its normally instant when I join but its been a few hours and I've not heard as yet?
  5. Cheers I have just asked to join and hopefully will be accepted shortly to see what I can get.
  6. I might switch back to normal bulbs then as they dont seem to fit in the other parts of the cluster anyway even though they should and to be honest I was not that impressed with the difference in visibility. I will switch back and see what happens as I still have the old bulbs cheers.
  7. Hi All Does anyone have any interior panels for sale? I'm especially after the ones in the boot as almost all mine either have a hole or cracks in. It's like a small landmine went off in there before I bought it. If any of you have any of the panels I have cash waiting?
  8. Hi All Simple one really, I lost a brake light (drivers side outer, took the cluster off and found it was a loose wire, I thought ok lets turn this into an upgrade and changed all 4 brake lights for LED P21s and soldered the wire back on. Couple of questions though. The warning light is still on on the dashboard, how do I stop that? it went away briefly but was back on this morning a day later even though all lights work. Other question is I was going to change the whole cluster (indicators and reverse too) for LED P21s but they only seem to fit in the brak
  9. This sounds identical to my engine before I had it fully rebuilt and the people wiser than me on here are right it is the bottom end. My Supe had been stored for years before I bought it and unbeknownst to me had formed carbon in the block (the Black Death) and when I went to run it on a daily basis after service and stuff the bottom end went. Needed totally stripping, all the black death removing, plus point 5 rebore, new forged pistons etc and after that was silky smooth. The other interesting point was I couldn't find JSpec cams but was lucky enough to get UK spec from Swampy and put tho
  10. I think its obvious electric cars will come and then hydrogen a few years later when they crack the mass storage of that medium - the cars left which use petrol will almost certainly be the ones which are 'of interest' and I'd be amazed if Supras don't come into this category. I do understand what everyone is saying though, especially at the moment with a year of being forced indoors and many people having their lives turned upside down it's given us all time to think. I've also been very lucky in the last year in that I haven't lost my job and have actually earned far more money than no
  11. Hi All So I got my BPU Auto TT Supra MOT'd recently and both rear tyres are advisories for wear so I am thinking time for a new set of boots and a 4 wheel track/alignment but it has me thinking. At the time I bought the best tyres that would fit for stopping distance so have Pirelli 235/40/18s on the front and Falken 275/40/18s on the rear. I appreciate changing them for Sport Pilot 4's is the advice usually given and this is likely to give me the best option for grip in the spring and summer but is there any appreciable difference between sneaking a 285 on the back as oppose to the 275
  12. I'm on the other side of the coin, on my third Supra including one Mk III and I still love mine like the day I got my first one 10 years ago. I think we are all of the same kinda generation on here and probably went through the same types of cars, ie MR2s, GTOs, FTOs Preludes, and every other coupe we could afford at the time. With all that said and done the one thing I would say is during the 2 decades of driving there was NOTHING I could afford that could match the Supra for looks, and especially power and driving feel. I've had Jags and Beemers and my wife even has a 911 with a custom 3.
  13. Jesus wept thats done it! The bloody gear selector was a bit stuck! Thanks so much, starts first friggin' time now! I bow to greater minds than me.
  14. Yeah it was oem - I've just stuck my big head out of the car when trying to turn it over and the click seems to be more audible inside the car not out so am wondering if there is no response whatsoever from the starter. I will ask my wife to turn it over when she gets home from work with my big head near the relay and starter and see what I can discern.
  15. Do you think its more likely to be the starter motor relay, just been searching around for more info and these are apparently prone to failure and mine could be 27 years old? Toyota want 81 quid for one and they are 9 quid on ebay! Maybe I should bang a new one of these in and if not go for another starter motor?
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