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  1. The UK spec is my favourite, but I just can't stand those headlight washers. Also, don't the USDM's need front plates fitted for most U.S states? Out of interest, If you have a UK spec, does it still have to have the headlight washers to pass MOT these days? I've seen a few UK specs, but they always seem to be missing the things.
  2. Very cool. That would put purchase around 97/98, Did you buy it new? I can only imagine how amazing that experience must have been if so.
  3. Because at that point in the thread, I didn't have all the info. I thought it was club LTD owned, and also further forgot its history and usage. So up untill then it had seemed logical to still have a club car. Its a proven great way for successful promotion. Lots of automotive clubs, bodies and companies have a showcase car to use as a promo tool and act as a "face of the club/coy/group", which the club car itself proved. At the time of post I mistakenly thought it was more beneficial for the club to have an official car than not. However, now that I've got more info , I can see I'm wrong. Un
  4. I'm up to 15 years myself, but I'm trying to find a recent thread where I vaguely remember someone talking about owning an A80 for 22 years..
  5. Ok, that makes sense now. So it's not actually owned by whatever the Club's LTD company is, its owned by a core individual member who lets the club use it as a promo car. That still leaves a hole for the club car though. I'm assuming there's no other car listed in the clubs books, plus I would assume there's not enough in the club accounts for a replacement either (no idea who the club treasurer is). So I guess that means the the club must now be looking for members who would be willing to use their car for the same purpose. That would at least be low cost for the club after all, apart from s
  6. Don't quite follow sorry. Are you saying not to bother with a club car at all? To me, it just makes sense for the club to put the money back into another. It's good for promotion, and fits perfectly as a car clubs asset. Im not sure what else better could be done with the money otherwise.
  7. I wonder what's going to be the next club car then. Assuming the club actually gets the 35k asking price, that still wouldn't leave enough in the kitty for a decent project to replace it with. What about an SZ Aerotop perhaps? Or maybe a cheap TT auto or 5 speed conv that only needs wrapping? Either of those should be able to come in under 35k, with a bit left over for cosmetic improvements.
  8. @Kukulza Sorry for the late reply, Ive not been back here since posting that. Thanks for the pictures too, as you clearly show its an m12 *1.25 thread on the v160 shifter. I can further confirm that, since I've allready fitted a new aftermarket gear knob with that spec.
  9. Hi all, can anyone confirm if the gear knob thread on a v160 is m12x1.25?
  10. Update: Found my answer to this - "No". I can find regulators fairly easily, but finding just the motor seems impossible. Toyota appears to have listed both as a single part number. To get a Motor, its the whole regulator + Motor system, or nothing.... and of course its drowning in the usual Supra-Tax exploitation. So from here I'm going to look at used components, and or possible retro fitting new parts from elsewhere. It just seems stupid to be throwing out a heap of good components, just because one part failed. Instead of paying near 200 for OEM parts, most of which I don't
  11. My passenger window motor went kaput. Damn thing Died on me.... it choose to do it in the rain with the window slightly open as well .... Fun, fun times ... on a positive note, the rest of the window assembly actually looks like its in fairly decent condition. Anyway, now that I've Got the window propped up in a temp fix, I need to get it sorted.... Can anyone tell me; am I correct in assuming I have to buy a whole new regulator setup, just to get a new motor?
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