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  1. My mistake I wasn't offering a business to do this, simply that I've done over 20 and offered to help. Didn't mean to step out of line.
  2. This is a professional hobby of mine. I am a technical aircraft inspector.
  3. Yes of course. Give me a shout I have done over 20 of these and other makes and models.
  4. Stick to 1" over stock 17"s or 2"s over 16"s. 19"s on a Supra is not the best idea.
  5. Loosen the nuts and use the opposite end as a fulcrum and push down and pull up multiple times until the arm loosens up on the splines.
  6. I meant if you knew the part numbers, and or had pictures of the actual heat shields that you needed.
  7. The diverter plate yes number 76182 in the attached picture, also 76187 4 each holders for the bulge/scoop itself
  8. Joe, Did you find the correct information that you were in search of?
  9. Any pictures Swampy442 to follow up with fitment? P.S. I have a friend in Austria who prints the plastic parts with a 3d printer.
  10. Mad respect man the undercarriage and underbody is always a task regardless of condition, car specific. The exterior looks great and tan seats are something that not all Supras look good in. This same task I fortunately haven´t had to tackle being that my car is from a dry country, but every single parts, bolt underneath has been removed, replaced, powder coated and or zinc plated. Keep the Supra forever.
  11. Can you post part numbers pictures of what your looking for Rajah? I may just have them.
  12. I watched a video the other day on youtube of a Youtube Yankee complaining about "Off Brand Nismo." His statement was clear that Nismo Heritage or Nissan Heritage is buying up all remains parts on Murican shores and adding them to the Nissan Heritage program and jacking up all of the prices. Ex. a clutch master cylinder cost so much, then overnight Nissan raised the price almost 200%. Seems like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree and Toyota is following suit. Only time will tell, but the whole Heritage program to make us die hard Supra owner fans "Believe" that they were actually
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