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  1. It's silver, stock body with veilside wheels and a custom exhaust
  2. Hi guys, forum member Kurkjones will be meeting you all at the Warwick services this morning to convoy to Japfest. He's heading up from Bristol so hopefully he is able to make it to meet you all in time as he has just picked up his supra from me today.
  3. Same here - they must have sent all emails out at the same time then everyone's tried to log on and it's crashed
  4. Here it is: http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?330397-Japfest-2016-Club-Stand-Here-*Booking-Closed
  5. Lovely looking car - obviously well looked after
  6. Amazing looking car - bet you are having a lot of fun with it!
  7. Lovely looking car but not exciting enough I think to have a whole new launch in New York for what is just a facelift
  8. Fantastic looking cars and amazing to drive. You will certainly enjoy every minute!
  9. I'll take 2 what a machine!
  10. Perfect thanks so much for taking the time to provide the info there. The lights are quite expensive but something I think that needs to be done. Its a shame to change the standard lights as the headlights I've got are near mint but the facelifts do look a lot better.
  11. I had a look at the brake kits on offer on the whifbitz site and the ksport kits were about the same as the UK spec calipers. Is on better than the other or is it just a case of oem vs aftermarket? BPU would def be something I would consider as everybody raves about it so can't be bad I did read up about the indicator swap so might just give that a go as the facelift Lights do freshen it up
  12. I've got a custom 3 inch cat back exhaust on it currently so I guess the decats would be next but I would like to update the side mount too. Guessing both decats are frowned upon come MOT time? Or is it a case of find a friendly one to look away at the crucial moment What side mount do you have?
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