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  1. Original owner of mine must have been annoyed then
  2. Understood, guess it's all good if I'm 2.5" all the way through then. It's a shame you have to worry about noise levels on the roads Looks like @HarleyFDMD has saved the day and has sold me his manifold, we should continue to hear some glorious ITB noises! Genuinely concerned in terms of noise levels for future track days though, might have to get a bung or new exhaust section to quieten it down a tad. I'll worry about that later though...
  3. I couldn't see it on their website, though I could very well have missed it. It's a minefield looking for an actual NA manifold and not a NA-T...
  4. Nice one mate, what problems did you have associated with the difference in tube size? I think my exhaust is 2.5" anyway if i remember correctly, had it custom made a few years back and wanted a less 'bellowy' noise if you get me
  5. I do indeed! Just self promoting the youtube channel as it's a bit buried in the build thread!
  6. Hi all! In the past couple of months I started my own youtube channel mainly covering my Throttle Bodied NA Supra build that has been in progress for the past year and a half or so. I've got a build thread if you want to check it out in the build section of the forum, but just wanted to share my update vlogs to a wider audience if anyone was interested! First video is below, which gives the whole backstory, but if you want to see the nearly finished (engine wise) build, check out the most recent vid on my channel to hear it roar!
  7. Thanks Herb that's great to know, did you just hammer it for the clearance? I've had a look online and it's hard to find an MVP one for sale. There's a company called WOTM racing selling them, but it's $360, and once you combine shipping from the US, taxes, then having to make it fit, we're not a million miles off getting one custom made. A local company offered to do it for around £800/£900
  8. In the spirit of nothing ever being simple, it looks like I'm going to have to revert back to the standard manifold as the Autobahn88 one seems to like constantly cracking on me. It's been welded up a couple of times and keeps giving us new surprises. Bit of a shame but at this point I just want it on the road so we're going back to the standard manifold and decatted downpipe section. Think in the future I'm just going to have to get a manifold made up at vast expense, as I hear there are all sorts of issues with US sold NA manifolds clearing RHD steering columns. Can't seem to find any
  9. Cheers Herb! Yeah that's definitely something I'll be doing in the future, just want to drive it for a while first haha! Nice one for the info!
  10. Right can we please all go and give @Mike2JZ some love, it looks as if he has solved the issue! It was a default gear shift control on the base map that was causing the stuttering So just in case other people run into the same problem, the base map on some older Link G4+ software have a default gear shift control set which needs to be turned off. Liam turned it off and voila! It now seems to be running smoothly!
  11. Cheers mate! Hopefully this thread will go a long way to answering questions people have on throttle bodies for Supras, and fingers crossed we're at the last piece of the puzzle Will PM you for instructions!
  12. Also, I've not forgotten your offer Mike! Having a hard time getting my mapper, mechanic and the car all in the same place at the same time to get a proper diagnosis and therefore some data to show you, will keep you posted
  13. UPDATE! I had my first drive of the car today, and let me tell you, it sounds glorious! Hesitation issue is still prevalent, it's apparent in the video at 3:35ish. It seems to happen regardless of whether the car is under load or not, and mostly seems to be localised to 2nd and 3rd gear around 3k RPM (at a guess, not got the rev counter wired in properly yet so I can't tell for sure). That issue aside, it was bloody great to drive it again after around 18 months of it being off the road!!
  14. Cheers bud!! It's a custom Longlife exhaust built by Top Gear Exhausts in Stockport, and I believe the exhaust manifold is Autobahn88
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