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  1. As title really. Looking for a black trd wheel.
  2. It seemed fine but I only just propped it in place for the photo. All fibreglass products will need a bit of work.
  3. Come get them so you don't have to change your mind as you have both (ps £100)
  4. Thank you. She now sits in the garage so gets even better care now.
  5. Hi all, As title selling them as decided I wanted to keep the car stock. These are over £150 saving over new. Price £150ono Collection Thatcham, Berkshire
  6. Could be worse. They could call take your details and say they will call you with a price. Then never call.... if they can't be bothered to try and get your money what are they going to be like when you need them..
  7. Found I couldn't even get a qoute with Sky. So I wait till the weekend to call as during the week I'm busy with work only to be told they are busy so can I call back during the week which was the one thing I was trying to avoid.
  8. Having owned a vi TME, ix FQ360 and X FQ330 and they are great cars but on the excitement level you have to be doing crazy things to be as fun as the supra. In my opinion of course.
  9. I'm having this same dilemma myself at the moment. Thinking about selling the supra and my RX7 and buying like a GTR/RS6 or R8 V10. All far superior performance wise to either of my current ones but cant seem to take the plunge for some reason.
  10. Am after a R32 GTR myself. Entered the comp and am now selling my 1999 RX7 FD so I can buy one. Was a lovely car
  11. Will depend on what mileage/proof is with box.
  12. I would rather not as not all bits are available so knowing my luck it will be one of those parts that's failed lol
  13. Only looking for the box. Not after all conversion parts.
  14. Hi all, looking for a healthy v160/v161 gearbox.
  15. Carcoon is the way to go. Supra came out exact same way it went in.
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