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  1. It seems that the US seller that I bought condenser from may not actually have one in stock, even though they currently claim to have two in stock. A delivery date of 2nd of September is a bit long considering I bought it at the beginning of July. I thought it was too good to be true. The seller is on eBay and is called JEGS Performance, they have a listing for more compressors in stock here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402121314265 I've messaged them and have not yet received a response. Their general feedback is very good but just a few claim that they've had no comms and had to
  2. That's fantastic news, well done. If the one I bought from Rock Auto doesn't fit, I'll pick up one of those (if they have any left). That's rotten luck. Neither of mine were held in customs, I think it's just luck of the draw. Most things that I buy from the US gets import charges.
  3. I guess I’ll find out. It’s with me now and I dare say to return it will be a ballache. i may have a look on eBay to see if I can see one.
  4. Yes, I ordered from Rock Auto. The compressor took a few days, the evaporator took just over a week. Cool. If the evaporator I bought doesn’t fit, I’ll hunt down one on eBay. im hoping it might because mine’s a 1993 and I understand that they changed evaporators in around Oct 1994.
  5. Well done, I didn't have any import fees either. A stroke of luck. I just had an evaporator core delivered today with no import fees either. I think that it is just a random thing where they check and charge.
  6. Mine is a 93 and I picked up the Denso 476-0059 from Rock Auto so I may be in luck. I shall report back when it arrives and know if it can be fitted. If not, I may be on the hunt for another one.
  7. I guess I’ll wait and see if this fits mine when it shows up.
  8. Rats!!! That’s not good. I have one en route. I’m rather hoping it can be made to fit somehow. Do let us know if you have any luck getting it to fit.
  9. Hi Keron, You might want to get in the ones from Rock Auto. Mine arrived last night after ordering on Saturday. The plate on the compressor is a 'travelling plate', intended to keep oil in the unit. The instructions state to take the plate from the old, put onto the new and fit. It does seem the same compressor. It also comes with new gaskets / seals to put the old plate onto the new compressor.
  10. Just amazing. Great service!
  11. The install instructions seem to indicate that you install the original plate. The plate on the mew compressor is the ‘shipping plate’.
  12. Pic of new compressor with gaskets in a bag, hanging from it.
  13. That’s dire!!! How come so long?
  14. That’s a relief! The new pump comes with new gaskets to use with the swapped plate too (I think).
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